News 新闻

【December 2013】

  • Another excellent school year has come to an end! Thank you to all teachers and students who have put in their best efforts to learn Chinese in 2013. The number of students attending our school has significantly increased and we hope to see this rise to continue in the future. 
  • Two of our Year 9 students Louise Lum and Ailin Zhang have officially graduated from our school, having completed the entire Biao Zhun Zhong Wen curriculum. We congratulate them and wish them success in the future!
  • The year 2014 is the Year of the Horse, and Chinese New Year is on on the 31st of January 2014. 


【October 2013】

  • We have successfully relocated to Queanbeyan High School, and are currently using multiple classrooms in the B Block area. 
  • We have recently purchased a mini projecter for educational purposes. Teachers can use this device to aid in teaching, projecting images/text or displaying videos and movies.
  • We were very sad to see two of our beloved teachers leave us this term. Thankyou to you both for contributing significantly to our Chinese school and we wish you the best of luck in your studies and work!
  • However, we are warmly welcoming two new teachers who have just joined our school, and look forward to their learning journeys with our students.
  • Recently two of our grade 9 students (Ailin Zhang and Louise Lum) submitted several of their Chinese articles into the Youth division of the 2013 Chinese ZhengWen Competition held by CSCS Canberra. We would like to proudly congratulating Ailin on receiving 2nd Place, and Louise receiving 3rd Place. Photos have been uploaded from the official Awards Ceremony in the website gallery.
  • The last term of the year is starting very soon (next Saturday). We hope all the students had a relaxing and enjoyable break, and are looking forward to continuing their language journey as the term begins. 
【August 2013】
  • Recently, big movements have been happening within the school. The Queanbeyan Chinese School has seen its rapid growth in new language students over the past few months; therefore, we have come to the decision of re-locating! The school has kindly received permission from the local Queanbyean Highschool to use its classrooms for chinese study! 

【Febuary 2013】

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR OF THE DRAGON EVERYONE!! 龙年大吉!! Hope this year is just as good as the last with many wonderful things to come!
  • This year has already kicked off to a great start with our new student, Cici joining in on the Level 8 students!! Welcome Cici and we hope you enjoy your time at our school!! :)

【Febuary 2012】

  • 祝大家兔年大吉!Happy Year of the Rabbit!
【August 2011】
  • Two of our students- Ailin Zhang and Louise Lum have recently participated in the AICLS competition "Folkloric Costumes." Congratulations to Louise Lum for recieving First Prize!! Well done to both of you!
【June 2011】
  • On the 13th June, Queanbeyan Chinese School students performed at the Kapa Haka Multicutural Festival and Children's Day. The children sang two songs, Jasmine Flower and School Kids. They did a fabulous job, Well Done!

 【Febuary 2011】Thank You

  • Carnivale (multicultural festival) was a big success, thankyou to our 6 performers for doing a fantastic job on the day!



【May 2010】
  • Good News!! We have successfully received our $1000 education fund from the NSW Government of Education.